by Gill Scarlett on February 6th, 2012

A monthly blog by Gill Scarlett on the progress of the next MADS production "Move Over Mrs Markham"

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September 2010
I receive a group e mail asking for suggestions for forthcoming year. I contact the Chairman to say I can direct either the spring or autumn production if needed. They will let me know after the next planning meeting
October 2010
Phone call to say yes would like me to do the spring production but can the play be funny this time! It appears some members did not like the last play I directed. Oh dear!! My ego takes a momentary bash but I enjoy the directing so give myself a talking to. Don’t be so sensitive. I am told that someone will suggest some plays to me or if I have suggestion they will vet it. This is a break from tradition but hey ho. My only stipulation is that I have to connect with the chosen play. Apparently they fancy a farce this time
November 2010
Several plays are passed to me mostly farces from sixties and seventies. I can’t get past first few pages on one or two because they are sexist, racist and homophobic. What have I become! After so many years working in health and social care I would not dare utter some of words in the plays but that was the seventies for you. One play makes me laugh out loud and I can imagine it in my head. We are making progress. I decide on “Move over Mrs Markham” by John Chapman and Ray Cooney
December 2010
I meet with Chris Gibbs who will produce the play. It will be her first time but she has been in loads of plays and I know Chris so I am sure we can work well together. We try to work out a budget. Scripts £120, Hall £400, License fee £200, Set £200, Costumes, props PANIC!!! Can we sell enough tickets? I go out on a limb to say I want to do three nights as it seems a lot of work for only two nights.
Chris orders the scripts once we find out there is no restrictions on the licences. Sometimes if a play is on in the west end no licence is granted for productions elsewhere. Are they scared of competition from Mads!
We send out an e mail inviting members to a play reading in early January. I read the play three more times and am laughing so much my husband keeps wondering what I am reading.
January 2011
Still feeling a bit jaded after the annual overeating and drinking fest that is Christmas we meet in the village hall for the play reading. Surprise Surprise only one man turns up. What is with you guys that you need to be begged to perform. You know you love it in the end. There are several of “ the girls” and we attempt to give everyone a chance to read for a part. All great but to be honest I am more confused at the end. However I decide to sleep on it and think of a few more male performers. Watch this space for news on “The Cast”. There are some old faces not appeared for a while and a couple of newcomers so welcome to them. Once I have decided I get quite excited. I read the play twice more and this time imagine the actual people in the role. Do more laughing. Alan thinks I am losing it
First rehearsal is on 12th January and I am really looking forward to it. Watch this space for next month’s instalment. See if I am a Happy Bunny or a Quivering Wreck.
Most of all get the date in your diary for MADS next production. 22nd,23rd and 24th MARCH

Posted on March 2nd, 2011

I think we should go for it and produce a Rocky Horror Picture Show for Marchington....that would wake everyone up.

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