So what do we get up to???

Your Committe...

The following folks have stood up to be counted and said "yep, I'll help" and are your committee members:

Ian Morgan, Chair
Veerle Van Dommelen, Treasurer
Ali Hodgson
Robert Hardwick
Kevin Langstone
​Geraldine Flavell

Firstly, a bit of history...

In the autumn of 1922, M DT Owen, wife of the vicar of the parish, suggested that the Society should be formed, and acted as producer for the early performances. In 1923, the Society made its public debut with the pantomime “Bluebeard up to date”, presented on two evenings in the old Marchington schoolroom. The limitations of the schoolroom for both actors and audience must have been acute but the ingenuity shown in producing plays is indicated in the Uttoxeter Advertiser in a report of the Pied Piper: “the schoolroom stage was adapted by Mr T Wainwright whilst Mr Joe Wainwright provided an excellent system of lighting by acetylene gas”.

During the 1930s, several productions were put on in the Men’s Club in the Square. The Society was dormant during the war years but began again afterwards with several plays during the 1940s and 1950s. With advent of new housing developments in the 1960s and 1970s there was an influx of new talent, and the new Village Hall, opened in 1960, provided much improved facilities for the Society.

Since 1964, MADs has staged over 50 productions, interspersed with a variety of social occasions for members and patrons, one-act plays, sketches and a film! Pied Piper was performed a second time, 60 years after its original performance in 1924.

It is estimated that MADS has entertained over 30,000 people since its formation. We hope to continue this success long into the future.

What's Happening??

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